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Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Bling Moment : Breastfeeding THE CONTEST

My passion towards breastfeeding has started ever-since I was pregnant for baby SN. As a stay at home housewife at that time, I used my time wisely by looking for information on how to fully breastfeed my baby when he was born.

I started the journey of breastfeeding my baby from the first day that he was born. I even told the hospital that I wanted to fully breastfeed my baby, thus I don't want them to feed my baby with any amount of formula milk, and the hospital truly respect my wish.

=- BF-ing my baby during the confinement period, u can even see those jamu applied on my forehead -=

As a preparation to breastfeed my baby, I even joined the MSK contest to grab the nursing cover prize, and Alhamdulillah I've won the contest and be given the Chomel Nursing Cover. I really treasure the nursing cover as it helps me a lot to nurse my baby even in the public. It was not easy to BF your baby as a new mom, and to nurse in public will even make things even harder. Thus, I really suggest to all nursing mom to get yourself any type of nursing cover just to make you comfortable BF-ing your baby in public.

=- nursing my baby in the mall -=

After some time, I am getting comfortable enough with the idea of nursing my baby in public and I don't feel embarrassed at all to provide the milk to my baby whenever he ask for it. I'm lucky that I am now residing in Japan, and that they are a lot of nursing room and nursing facilities provided in the public for all mommies here. Thus, it was not that difficult to BF-ing my baby, even if I went out of home for the whole day. BUT, there are times that I was so lazy to look for nursing room, and just sit down in the public and continue nursing my baby confidently...errrrr, especially when I'm having my lunch, and my baby was asking for his 'lunch meal' too. Thus, I will just provide the milk to my baby, and at the same time..enjoy my meal ehehehe.

=- let's have our 'meal together, shall we? ittadakimasu -=

After I started my new life as a PhD student, I learned how to pump my milk and how to carefully store it so that my baby will have enough milk supply everyday at the nursery. I am lucky enough that my Prof is a very considerate man that he even provided a special room for me, to give me privacy during the expressing milk and pumping session in the laboratory. So, I will carry with me the Pigeon electric breastpump to campus everyday, along with the storage bottle and the cooling ice pack.

=- the pump -=

=- inside my bag -=

Now that my baby has reached 18months old, I have stopped expressing my milk by pumping it as the requirements of his nursery has set that he must drink fresh milk at the nursery. But then, I still continue nursing my baby whenever he was round me, especially right after I picked him from his nursery and also during the night time.

I treasure every single breastfeeding moment that I've spent with him through this 18 months.

I really enjoy providing him with the best milk on earth whenever he asked for it.

I am thankful that my good night sleep was not disturbed by the needs of waking up in the middle of the night to prepare his milk, the only thing that I have to do when he cries in the middle of the night is just putting my ni*ple inside his mouth and voila...both of us can go into our baby sleep in less than 2 seconds hehehe.

I am lucky that by breastfeeding my baby I've been able to shed away the extra weight that I've gained during my pregnancy and surprisingly, I even shed away all my after-wedding fat without even taking any slimming pills or even wears any corset, amazing isn't it?

On top of those lovely reasons that I've stated before, the most loveliest experience while breastfeeding my baby is that I get to enjoy the 'sharing' moment between me and my baby. It doesn't matter even if we were in public, I will always feel like both of us is having our wonderful "we" time together, and that no one can ever take it way from us...and I believe it was clearly captured in the photo below. This photo was captured by my husband when I was having the "we" time nursing my baby in a park, while enjoying the magnificent view of maples leaves during this autumn season.
{ "The admirable moment that I spent with my baby during the breastfeeding moment is priceless. I will never replaced this moment with anything in this world nor would I fell intimidated by anyone to nurse my baby in the public. It is Allah's gift to both mommy & baby that we should treasure during these early years of baby's life" ~ Yatie Chomeyl }

Breastfeeding is an unsentimental metaphor for how love works, in a way. You don't decide how much and how deeply to love - you respond to the beloved, and give with joy exactly as much as they want. ~Marni Jackson

This story of my lovely experience of breastfeeding my baby is a part of my effort to join the My Bling Moment : Breastfeeding THE CONTEST

This My Bling Moment : Breastfeeding Contest is introduced to promote the concept of breastfeeding in public to all mommies out there, mom to be, as well as to educate other people to support breastfeeding activity.

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