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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Contest & Giveaway Ibu SIhat Anak Riang -2

Two years ago, I've shared about SN's fist experience with snow in my blog entry 1st experience with snow for Baby SN-ow (^-*).  It's kind of funny when I read the entry again, I wrote in the last part that how I can't wait to see Baby SN's walking on the snow..and now he was actually walking and running and enjoying the snow as I presumed rindu he would be.

At first, he was not showing any emotion when I show him the snow falls throughout the window panel from our bedroom. I stumbled upon selecting the perfect word to describe how nice snow is. I even Google-d  info 
nerd about snow to describe it to him.

I was blabbering about how snow was formed? --> "Snow forms when water vapor turns directly into ice without every   passing through a liquid state. This happens as water condenses around   an ice crystal". I even add up overjoy exclamation towards the end of the sentences by making joyful faces and flashed cheesy smiles sengihnampakgigi to him and say "Isn't the snow looks LOVELY?".

Gosh, he doesn't even give a damn care about what am I talking and he just make a boring face xpasti to mommy. So, both hubby & I decided to give SN a hands-on experience with the snow just so that he'll understand whatever the heck that mommy was over-excitedly saying about snow is all true.
=- indahnya ciptaan Allah -=
=-SN baru bangun tidur, ngantuk muka blur tengok salji memutih di sekeliling -=

=- baru2 nak panas enjin, get ready nak main dengan snow -=

Guess what?. Few minutes after we put him on the snow, he rocks his own world with the snow!.
:ngacir:   SN is having so much fun with the snow as if the word COLD doesn't even have any particular meaning at all!.  It's as if his whole body is practically covered with swan feathers  inside out.
=- sengih tunjuk semua gigi, sengihnampakgigi siap salji masuk mata lagi -=

He's walking here and there on the snow.

=- tapak kaki saiz 13cm di kesan -=

Half of his leg was covered by the snow, but he stills find it amusing and continue walking on the snow.
=- salji sampai lutut dah -=

He stumbled on his walk, and he exaggerated on his falls on the snow so that he can rolls his body on it.
=- terjatuh tapi sengaja tak nak bangun sebab nak guling2 atas snow -=

He was running happily and expecting mommy to run along with him.
=- lari sana sini sambil sengih2 -=

He was grabbing the snow and looking at the snow as if it's the most delicious food on the earth.
=- cubaan untuk makan salji -=

He throw snowballs to mommy, even though none of it went close to mommy's body ngeeeee.
=- nak baling snowball kat mommy -=

He also made several attempts to crush the snowman into pieces hehe.

=- tengah geram nak penyek2 si snow man -=

He even lying on his back on the snow, as if the snow is the most comfortable mattress he ever slept on.

=- baring atas snow & panjat atas sink yang membeku -=

Both hubby  & I enjoyed the snow as much as SN did. But, to be honest, its freezing cold to stay for so long in an open area during the snowing moments thus we don't really want to spend so much time playing with the snow.
=- mommy & daddy pun excited jugak -=

However, SN was having a great time with the snow that it was really difficult for me to take him away from the snow. He totally ignores me when I called his name, bising and keep messing around with the snow as if mommy was not even standing in front of him. Check out the video below during the 1:36 mins. 

=- SN's family experience with snow; Winter 2011; Fukuoka -=

The moment when I grabbed him and ushered him onto his car seats, he turns himself into a super rebellious little baby by making angry faces. Hahahaha, gatai muncung je mulut tanda protes tak puas hati.
=- muncung mulut sebab mommy paksa masuk kereta -+

Thank Allah for giving us this opportunity to experience snow. I'll make sure SN will read this entry when he grow up so that he' ll know how exciting his childhood days used to be.
=- one happy family -=

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Contest & Giveaway Ibu SIhat Anak Riang - 1

My little angel, Baby SN dah mula kenal huruf A-Z di usia dia 21 bulan. Walaupun bunyi pelat lagi, tapi bila I tunjuk alphabet kat dia memang dia boleh baca excellently.

+- (video): SN baca A-Z ~ 1 tahun 10 bulan -+
*learning session kat dapur sambil mommy masak, sambil SN belajar*

Alhamdulillah, as a mommy I feel thankful to Allah for giving my baby a healthy body and a brilliant mind in his early age. Few of my friends were asking on some tips to encourage baby's interest into reading as well as to make them stay focus during the learning process.
So today, I would like to share some tips that might be helpful to other parents on how to encourage baby's interest into reading as well as to make them stay focus during the learning process. Please take note that I'm not an expert in child developmental psychologist, I'm just sharing these tips based on how I've been practicing it to my son.

Tips to teach ABC to baby
(1) Alphabets Decor 
► lekat kertas ABC kat tempat yg dia selalu main, so that dia familiar dgn huruf2 tu.
► Kat rumah ni, I lekat kan ABC chart dalam bilik toys, bilik tidur dan juga bilik mandi. Kiranya pandang mana2 pun, baby akan nampak alphabets je la sengihnampakgigi 

+- ABC di mana2 sahaja sengihnampakgigi  ngeeee -+

(2) Alphabets song
► I pasang video yang ada lagu ABC sejak my baby umur 3 bulan. Bila kita selalu pasang, he'll get used with the alphabets and the sounds dan lama2 dia akan ingat dan kenal dengan sendirinya.
► Masa pasang video/lagu tu, jangan tinggalkan baby sorang2. Lebih baik kalau kita sama2 nyanyi dengan baby, pronounce clearly supaya dia akan lebih senang nak sebut juga nanti.
► Contoh video ABC songs untuk baby --> sini, sini, sini, dan sini.

(3) Alphabets blocks
►ada banyak educational toys untuk bayi yang ada alphabets. Kalau boleh beli educational toys instead of mainan biasa, sebab sambil bermain bayi kita boleh belajar. Tak semestinya beli yang mahal, yang penting ada huruf ABC tu untuk baby belajar.
► Kita boleh main banyak games guna blocks tu, such as making new words, unscrambling words, sorting the consonants and vowels and etc.
► Contoh alphabets blocks macam yang di jual oleh Mama Mia (Siti)--> sini dan sini

(4) Edible alphabets
► beli biskut yang ada alphabet tu, or kalau rajin boleh jugak bentukkan nasi tu mengikut bentuk huruf.
► sambil makan, baby akan dapat belajar mengenal huruf. Sambil2 tu cakap2 lah dengan baby, "mommy makan huruf A", "daddy makan huruf B", "baby makan huruf C"...contohnya.

(5) Alphabets flashcards
► guna flashcards yang berwarna warni untuk menarik perhatian baby.

►kalau boleh biar baby tu sendiri yg pick-up kad/flashcards yg dia suka, jangan paksa2 dia pilih ikut turutan; let him explore.

Tips to make baby stay focus
1) Make it fun and pressure-free
• baby will respond much  better to game oriented activities and very brief reading sessions.

• Belajar sambil bermain. Jangan sesekali paksa dia tapi bila nak ajak belajar, mommy/daddy kena buat bagi baby rasa excited nak belajar.
• Make the learning session fun for the baby

+- Left pic: Alphabets bus yang boleh nyanyi2 dan cakap2. -+
+- Right pic: belajar ABC guna iPhone -+

2) Prepare the learning environment
• seeloknya sediakan kerusi + meja + alatan untuk dia belajar
• I pernah share tentang macamana menyediakan persekitaran kondusif di rumah. Kalau tak pernah baca, try klik link ni
Menyediakan persekitaran yang kondusif untuk anak2 belajar di rumah ~ aplikasi Montessori Method

+- sambil tengok educational DVD, sambil jugak ada Alphabets Board (that yellow toys) kat tepi, dan jugak kertas untuk menulis. Tak lupa, buah-buahan untuk makan masa belajar gatai  -+

3) Minimize distractions
• tutup segala mak nenek TV, laptop, radio and etc
this way we can also teach baby that study time  takes place without the television.

4) Variation of activities
• Pelbagaikan aktiviti, semua benda boleh jadi educational toys.
• Tak semestinya kena ada educational toys mahal2 baru boleh buat dia belajar. Buat sendiri pun takpe, asalkan menarik di pandangan mata baby.

5) Variation of tools
• Sediakan buku cerita banyak2 takpe, biarlah dia nak belek2 je laju2. Mula2 dulu baby SN pun gitu jugak, tapi lama2 dia faham lah yang buku tu untuk di baca. Sekarang ni, dia sendiri akan ambil buku dan suruh mommy/daddy baca kan untuk dia.

+- eceh, siap ternganga2 mulut baca buku -+

• Kalau dia boring baca buku cerita, bagi pulak toys. Sambil baby bermain, kita boleh ajar jugak. Contohnya kalau dia main kereta, kita boleh cakap; " This is a car. It is a black car. This car is small". . Buat banyak2 ayat yang sebut perkataan "car" tu. 

6) Good mood

• Mulakan sesi belajar masa mood mommy & baby sama2 elok. • Kalau tengah hangen satu badan, seeloknya bagi cool down dulu. Avoid launching sessions when you are angry, upset, or  when baby is moody and whiny. 

7) Regular basis

• Baby SN stay kat nursery dari pukul 9pg-6 ptg. So, learning session with mommy/daddy can only be at night, after dinner. Kat nursery, memang teacher dia tak ada ajar alphabets; so memang dia kenal A-Z solely from the learning process at home.
• Peruntukkan 15-30 minit masa setiap hari, jangan lama sangat sebab takut dia boring. Seeloknya buat pada masa yang sama setiap hari so that baby akan tahu bila masa untuk belajar, dan bila masa nya untuk main.
• bukan setakat baby nak kena stay focus, mommy pun kena focus sekali. Jangan masa tengah ajar anak, sambil2 tu jugak tangan sibuk nak main FB lah, blog lah gatai 

8) Stay positive

• Jangan mudah nak give-up kalau kita rasa macam apa yang kita ajar tu, baby tak ingat pun. Kadang2 diorang memang faham, cuma tak tahu macamana nak express it properly. Jangan lah baru ajar seminggu, dah expect baby untuk pandai tulis karangan terus kan! gatai  LOL. 

9) Acknowledged his effort and achievements

• Setiap kali dia berjaya achieve something, bagi tepukan dengan over  dan pujian melambung supaya dia excited nak belajar lagi lepas ni.

I guess itulah sedikit sebanyak tips yang I nak kongsikan dengan other parent out there. Ini ialah cara yang I guna untuk mendidik sifat suka membaca pada anak I dan juga untuk pastikan dia sentiasa fokus.    

Selain dari tu, I juga amalkan makan supplement omega 3 sejak usia kandungan I 4 bulan (sewaktu mengandungkan baby SN).  Getting enough omega 3 fatty  acids during pregnancy is important to help your baby’s  nervous system to develop healthily, prevent you from  getting heart disease and can lead to a brainier baby.

As for now, I provide him Scott Emulsion once or twice a week.
Scott's Emulsion is rich in cod liver oil which is a natural source of Vitamin A & D, calcium and phosphorus. I start bagi dia minum ni sejak dia umur 1 tahun 2 bulan. 

I'm not sure adakah pengambilan omega 3 fatty acids dan juga scott emulsion ni betul2 menyumbang ke arah perkembangan otak anak I, but it's worth trying kan. Kiranya ini sebahagian usaha yang I lakukan untuk memastikan anak I stay healthy and intelligent. 


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