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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day Giveaway

It's February 14 again, and as usual today is the day when Valentine Days is celebrated all around the world. This is the day of the pledge of love between men and women.

Besides that, this is also the day that gives extra markup earnings and profits for the florist as well as the gift shop and not forgetting the chocolate shop!. These shops get to increase the price of the flower/chocolate/gift 50% higher than usual and still they'll gain nice penny for their business.

Well anyway, let's just leave the shops alone and focus on my pure and genuine intention today that is to declare my love towards my hubby. It's not that normal for me to express my love to him by saying "I LOVE YOU" to him everyday. The only time that those magic words will easily slipped from my mouth is when he bought me the things that I love the most i.e. HANDBAGS!. Wooohoo, I guess I am one materialistic or should I say 'handbag-listic' wife am I?

As for today, I would like to dedicate these sweet short poem to tell hubby how much love that I have towards him all this while.

Dear hubby,

My love towards you is :

bigger than the largest buildings in the world i.e Boeing Plant (398,000 m²),
taller than The Worlds Tallest Building i.e Burj Khalifa (828 m),
deeper than the deepest ocean in the world i.e Pacific Ocean (35,827 ft),
richer than the GNP of the richest county in the world i.e Luxembourg ($45,360),
warmer than the world Hottest Place i.e Dalol, Denakil Depression, Ethiopia (annual average temperature : 93.2°F, 34°C)

Honestly, I always believed that destiny is so powerful that it can either leads me to someone and it can also separate me with someone. I'm sure that destiny has brought me to you though we were living far away with each other before this. **refer: Kisah Cinta S ♥ N**. Hopefully, destiny will always have pity on us and spare us off on the departing part.

I ♥ YOU so much Mohd Shalahudin Adnan!

P/s: Above all that, my love towards you is becoming stronger when you've bought me a COACH handbag for mother's day gift. And I'll guaranteed you that my love towards you will be much much much more stronger if I receive a Gin & Jacqie Multi-pocket Philip for this year's Valentine's Day. LOL

Psssssstt : perghh, scientific betul kan ukuran cinta I towards my hubby?
Kalau dah namanya engineer macam ini lah jadinya bila sesekali berfalsafah