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Thursday, June 2, 2011

THEHONEYBUNCH FINAL GIVEAWAY | Naturally Motherhood Giveaway

1. Giveaway is only open to Malaysian citizen mothers, bloggers or non-bloggers, residing in Malaysia or abroad. For non-residing in Malaysia, shipping of prizes will be borned by the winner(s).

2. Only 1 entry per participant is accepted. If you are a blogger and also a facebooker, please wisely decide which way you prefer to submit your entry.

3. If you are a blogger, you must follow this two new blogs:
Leave your blog user name at the comment (vis-a-vis) below for identification.

4. Entry can be submitted either in English or Bahasa Malaysia. All entries must be submitted by 3rd of June 2011 before 6pm.

How to enter :

1. If you are a blogger, write a blog post about this giveaway and must include link-back to this giveaway link ( Leave your URL blog post in the comment (vis-a-vis) section below.

2. IMPORTANT : For both either you are entering this giveaway in blog post or facebook notes, you must include this sentence and finish it with your own unique meaningful ways ,"Motherhood to me....." OR "Dunia ibu buat diriku..." (not more than 30 words of your own words).

3. IMPORTANT : Please include all the sponsored link/URL of sponsor's websites or blogshops in your entries applicable to both types of entries.
Maybel's Closet, Sweet n Cozy, Mama Sewbulous Shoppe, Muhammad's Playtime, Chago Mago, Deana Design, Crystal Princess Cottage, Blu Cotton and TheHoneybunch Marketplace

4. Winners will be notified by
10th of June 2011 in this blog and also in Facebook. If selected winners fail to claim prizes within 3 days, another winners will be chosen without further notice to the previous winner.


"Motherhood to me....."
to provide eternal love to my children that are :
deeper than Pacific Ocean (world's deepest ocean)
warmer than the temperature at El-Azizia, Libya (world's Hottest Place)

Motherhood rocks!



Hanz said...

Assalam Yatie....thanks for joining. Good Luck! :)

hamzah ian said...

waaaa.. GA